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Yacht rules serve to protect our guests. We would like all passengers to have consideration for other
people on board. If in our opinion any passenger behaves in a way to cause or likely to cause danger
or distress to any third party, we reserve the right to terminate the travel of the person(s) concerned
without any refund.
1. All passengers on board are obligated to obey captain’s orders, as he is responsible for the
safety of all passengers and the crew.
2. Jumping or diving from the boat during navigation and swimming far from the boat or the
coast should be avoided.
3. During rough weather (waves, wind), it is not allowed to walk on the boat, but if necessary,
movement should be done with care.
4. Close your windows in cabin during bad weather.
5. Safety belts are placed in each cabin.
6. As the boat is explicitly acoustic, all passengers are asked to behave accordingly.
7. Do not wear shoes while you are on the yacht.
8. Kindly respect night peace on the boat, which officially starts at midnight. Only if all
passengers agree the limit may be extended.
9. When you leave cabin in the morning, please notify the crew that the cabin is free for
10. Smoking is not allowed inside the boat (in cabins and saloon).
11. Do not throw anything in toilet except toilet paper.
12. Passengers are not permitted to bring drinks and food on board.
13. Any damage by any passenger must be compensated to the captain.
14. It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish into the sea. Please use bins provided in each cabin.
15. Water is limited on every boat, so it is necessary to be rational with it. The same applies to
the electricity which runs on the accumulator. Please check if turned off when you leave the
16. Internet is limited to 1 GB a day. Please avoid downloading videos and use it in a rational way
also when connected to social networks. Keep in mind other passengers on board.
17. For security reasons climbing on masts is forbidden.
18. Guests are obligated to respect meal times on board.
19. All sport activities are at client’s risk. Please do not go too far.
20. All passengers are kindly asked not to use coloured sunscreens. Traces on bed sheets and
sundeck are not washable. We want to assure to all clients clean and comfortable stay on

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